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  • Version 7.7 Build 7.7.11

    New Adds support for Windows Server version 1709 Important Note: The Persistent Memory feature (PMEM) is not yet supported and Backups for a VM will not proceed if it using PMEM files. (Hyper-V Only) ...

  • Version 7.7 Build 7.7.8

    Fixes Adds a proper error message to inform users that Altaro VM Backup does not support backing up ESXi 6.0 hosts managed by a vCenter 6.7. Fixes communication issues that could occur when TLS 1.0 an...

  • Version 7.7 Build 7.7.7

    Fixes Fixed an issue where under certain conditions, the VDDK component of the product (used for VMware backups) fails to initialise after upgrade. (Follow the steps here to upgrade to the la...

  • Version 7.7 Build 7.7.5

    New Adds the ability to edit a Managed Host’s Server Address without having to remove and re-add it. By default all new VMs configured will have a default backup setting of not Application Consistent....

  • Version 7.7 Build 7.7.4

    Fixes Improvements and fixes for the new features introduced in 7.7 for Altaro Offsite Servers being managed by the Altaro CMC. Storage reports on the Altaro CMC are now reported by the Altaro VM Back...

  • Version 7.7 Build 7.7.3

    Fixes Fixes an issue where Retention Policy operations on an Altaro Offsite Server could start to fail if a User Name of an Account is modified. (Follow the steps here to upgrade to the lates...

  • Version 7.7 Build 7.7.2

    New Adds support to map existing Altaro Offsite Server User Accounts to CMC Managed Altaro Offsite Server accounts. Improvements Improved support for the new CMC Altaro Offsite Server manage...

  • Version 7.7 Build 7.7.0

    New Adds support for managing Altaro Offsite Servers through the Altaro Cloud Management Console for MSPs. Add support for Backup and Offsite Copy Storage reports within the Altaro Cloud Management Co...

  • Version 7.6 Build 7.6.29

    Fixes Fixes an issue introduced in 7.6.27 which causes Retention Policy operations to fail for specific Operating System languages. (Follow the steps here to upgrade to the latest version)

  • Version 7.6 Build 7.6.27

    New Adds support for VMware 6.7 Adds support for Exchange 2016 Cumulative Updates up to CU9 Improvements Now using VDDK 6.5 for VMware 6.5 and 6.7 The Volume Serial Number is now di...

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