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  • What kind of encryption does Altaro VM Backup use?

    Altaro VM Backup makes use of AES-256 encryption. Encryption for primary backups is only available for the Unlimited Edition and can be enabled in the Advanced settings tab in Altaro. Offsite copies will alway...

  • V7 - How can I change the ports used to connect to the offsite Altaro ...

    Please note that this article applies for installations running V7. If you need to change the ports used to connect to the Altaro Offsite Server, please follow the steps below: On the offsite Altaro Offsite S...

  • How can I reclaim free space from my backup location?

    Please note that this operation is a ​time-consuming process handling sensitive backup data and should ONLY be utilised if you truly require to free up space from your backup drive. Therefore this operation sh...

  • Why do I need a 'General Purpose' storage account for Azure?

    Altaro VM Backup V7.5 introduced backing up to an Azure Cloud Storage Account as an offsite location. A requirement we have however is to make use of a General Purpose storage account as opposed to cold storag...

  • How can I restore a single VHDX/VMDK file?

    From 7.5.6 and onwards the Virtual Disk Restore functionality was introduced allowing you to restore single VHDX or VMDK file from your backup set. Thereby this could save you a lot of time on your restore oper...

  • What is Maintenance Mode?

    From V7.6 and onwards, Maintenance Mode was introduced as certain jobs will require running operations to finish and hence stop accepting any other operations. This is due to the fact that these operations need...

  • Application Consistent Backup. When should I enable it?

    What is an Application Consistent Backup? In order to run backups that are transactionally consistent for VMs that run VSS-aware applications, namely such as Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Exchange, Microsof...

  • Your website mentions a freeware version – how can I get this?

    We provide a free trial version of our solution for 30 days. Beyond the 30-day trial period, if you do not buy the product, you can opt to use the Free Edition of Altaro VM Backup, free for 2 VMs forever – our ...

  • How can I Pause / Stop Replication?

    If you're looking to Pause or Stop Replication, go to the [Replication] menu option from the Altaro VM Backup console. You will be presented with a list of VMs that have replication set up. Simply click on [Ma...

  • How can I Boot a Replicated VM?

    If you're looking to Boot up a Replicated VM, simply open up the Altaro Offsite Server console and go to the [Replication] menu option. Booting up a Replicated VM You will be presented with a list of VMs that...

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