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  • Changed Block Tracking Skip Conditions

    Since the release of CBT in Altaro VMBackup 6.4.0 changes are being tracked in real time. This means that the scanning for changes phase of the backup can be bypassed as the changes are already picked up when t...

  • VSS Writers and their Services

    VSS writers are application-specific components for Microsoft's Volume Shadow Copy Service, which ensure the consistency of application data when a shadow copy is created. Since we have often come across VSS wr...

  • Email notifications are not being delivered

    PROBLEM Email notifications have been configured but are not being received CAUSE Incorrect SMTP settings, mail server relay settings, or firewall rules. SOLUTION Check that you are using the co...

  • How to use Gmail with 2-Step Verification for E-Mail Notifications

    If you are utilising Gmail's 2-Step Verification for added security to your account, when you're setting up this email account in Altaro VM Backup you'll need to generate an 'App password' specifically for Alta...

  • How to remove a VM from the Altaro Configuration

    If you once had a VM configured within Altaro but it's still showing in the Management Console, you can remove it from the Altaro configuration using the following steps. Please ensure that you are running bui...

  • How to send a test e-mail via Telnet

    To send a test email via Telnet, please do the following: Open Command Prompt Type: telnet IP_address_of_mail_server 25 The server should respond with 220 (then identifies itself - possibly with s...

  • How to make use of VSS Hardware Providers

    Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) hardware and software shadow copy providers manage running volumes and create shadow copies of them on demand. A hardware provider manages shadow copies at the hardware level by...

  • How To Use Altaro VM Backup for an Authoritative Restore

    One of our blog-post writers, Eric Siron, wrote an extensive post on the subject which should help guide you through the process of performing an Active Directory Authoritative Restore. The blog-post can be fo...

  • How to relocate the Altaro temporary files

    Altaro VM Backup will create temporary files during backup operations and by default the location for these files is on the C: drive. If you'd like to move the location of this temporary directory, please ensu...

  • Error: "Backup failed due to an error in the Microsoft Shadow Cop...

    PROBLEM Backup for some VMs failing with Error: "Backup failed due to an error in the Microsoft Shadow Copy component. Retryable Error: The Microsoft recommended way to fix this error is to wait ten minutes...

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