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  • Getting a Blank Chat Window? Here's how to solve it!

    If you're getting a blank chat window like the one in the below screenshot, this is due to backend changes and improvements. To resolve this, follow these steps: - Close the Altaro UI - Browse to: %localapp...

  • Best Practices for setting up Altaro VM Backup

    This best practice guide goes through the Altaro VM Backup features explaining their use and the optimal way to configure them in order to make the best use out of the software. You will need to adapt this to ...

  • Hyper-V Host Agent Deployment Troubleshooting

    This document is designed to help with common issues / failures that may occur when automatically deploying the Hyper-V Host agents through the Management Console. Here is a list of common failures when deplo...

  • Manually installing the Altaro Hyper-V Host Agent

    To install the Altaro Hyper-V Host Agent manually on a Hyper-V Host, please follow the below procedure: Download the standalone Altaro Hyper-V Host Agent installer for: V7:

  • How to set up Drive Rotation / Swapping (RDX or External USB drives)

    With Altaro VM Backup, you can set up drive rotation/swapping as your offsite copy location. To do so, please follow the steps below: Before you proceed, ensure you have one fixed drive/location configured ...

  • How to set up Offsite Copies over a WAN / VPN / Internet / Fiber conne...

    With Altaro VM Backup, you can send a redundant copy of your backups to an offsite location via a WAN/VPN/Internet connection, this is an ideal tool for Disaster Recovery purposes. This is also required for fib...

  • How to Schedule your backups

    Altaro Backup offers a variety of flexible options for scheduling both your local and offsite backups. Note: A single VM can be added to multiple schedule groups, and a single schedule group can contain multi...

  • How to set up Automated Verification tasks

    Altaro VM Backup includes the ability to run manual or automated verification of your backup data. Degradation and failure of storage devices is not uncommon, and this feature will allow you to compare the dat...

  • Troubleshooting backups which "Backed up in a crash-consistent st...

    PROBLEM Backup completes but gives a warning that it "Backed up in a crash-consistent state" SOLUTION The "Backed up in a crash-consistent state" warning is given when the shadow copy fails inter...

  • Cannot connect to the Altaro Offsite Server

    PROBLEM Trying to add an 'Altaro Offsite Server' as an Offsite Location but you're unable to connect. CAUSE Version mismatch, time difference or firewall blocking ports. SOLUTION Ensure th...

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