Altaro VM Backup Support Centre

Version 7.6 Build 7.6.21

Last Updated: May 09, 2018 12:10PM CEST


  • Adds CBT and CDP support for Virtual Machines installed on an ReFS partition
  • Fixes an issue where Backups would fail in rare cases if a Virtual Disk is excluded on Windows Server 2008 R2, 2012 or 2012 R2
  • Changes the behavior of the CMC Backup Setting Templates so that they can never disable GFS on a VM that they are applied to
  • Fixes an issue where dates and times in Backup Health Monitor could be shown as UTC and not in local time
  • Fixes issues caused when installing the full Altaro VM Backup installation on a Hyper-V Host Agent which is managed by a different Altaro Installation already
  • Fixes an issue where applied changes to a retention policy could be reverted after saving changes
  • Fixes a rare issue where Offsite Copies could start to fail due to a failure in the previous retention policy operation
  • Updates the Boot from Backup message in the Management Console to reflect that in 7.6 Backup and Restore operations are no longer blocked while booted
  • Fixes an issue where in the Management Console Connection Manager an expand icon was being shown alongside each listed installation
  • Fixes an issue where Virtual Floppy Drives were not be attached to the Virtual Machine after restoring it (Windows Server 2016)
  • Fixes an issue where a CDP backup would fail with an incorrect message stating that no backup location is configured
  • Fixes a rare issue where a backup could be stuck on Preparing Snapshot stage on a Fail-Over Cluster environment (Windows Server 2008 R2, 2012 or 2012 R2)
  • Fixes an issue where a backup could fail when starting at same time as another backup
  • Fixes an issue where sorting by descending order can omit all operations in the operation history report
  • Fixes an issue where a modified MSP name in the CMC is not updated on the Altaro VM Backup Installations linked to that MSP.  Following this fix any MSPs that which to reflect the updated name need to relink their Altaro VM Backup installations
  • Fixes an issue where sending a large number of instructions from CMC to a number of installations due to timeouts after high CPU usage
  • Fixes an issue where a Hyper-V Host which in the past had a full installation of Altaro VM Backup installed in the past could show as disconnected
  • Fixes an issue where the CMC could continue to show a completed operation's progress bar even after the operation has completed
  • Fixes an issue where Backup Health Monitor could fail after removing a Hyper-V Host from the Altaro configuration
  • Fixes an issue where CDP backups for a VMware VM could carry on running even after removing the VMware Host from the Altaro configuration
  • Fixes an issue where operation progress bars would not be displayed in the Management Console even if the operation was still running
  • Fixes an issue where Email Notifications would not be send after a successful Backup operation
  • Includes other Fixes and Improvements


(Follow the steps here to upgrade to the latest version)
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