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Last Updated: Jan 03, 2018 10:15AM CET

Version 7 of Altaro VM Backup brings a brand new look to the Altaro Offsite Server, and many backend improvements too.

Below is some important information regarding the Altaro Offsite Server Management Console for users that have upgraded from v6 to v7.
1. Altaro VM Backup v7 will install both v6 and v7 of the Altaro Offsite Server on the same machine

2. The v7 Altaro Offsite Server Management Console only supports Altaro VM Backup v7 Clients

3. Clients using v6 can still be configured on the same machine, using the v6 Altaro Offsite Server

Use the new v7 Altaro Offsite Server Management console to monitor Offsite Copies of VMs which:
- Had a first backup taken in v7.
- Had a first backup taken in v6 but have been migrated to v7 and have had deduplication enabled.
Use the older v6 Altaro Offsite Server management console to monitor and manage Offsite Copies of VMs which are: 
- Still being taken by Altaro VM Backup v6 
- Have been migrated to Altaro VM Backup v7 and still have deduplication disabled.
You can access the old v6 Altaro Offsite Server management console from here: 
C:\Program Files\Altaro\Altaro Backup\BackupServer\Altaro.BackupServer.ManagementConsole.exe


Notes about Deduplication

Version 7 now offers deduplication of your backup data (more info here). After the upgrade from v6 to v7, please note that:
1. Deduplication will be disabled by default on any VM backup taken previously by v5 or v6

2. If deduplication is enabled on one of the VMs a full backup will be taken to local backup location., however a regular incremental will follow to your offsite backup location

3. Reseeding to your offsite location will not be required because the software will automatically reseed from the previous Offsite Copy versions already available.

Note: The first backup and offsite copy duration after enabling deduplication will be longer than usual due to the above process being done in the background
For further information about migration please contact

The ports utilised for the Altaro Offsite Server can be found here.
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