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How to Schedule your backups

Last Updated: Sep 09, 2015 02:21PM CEST
Altaro Backup offers a variety of flexible options for scheduling both your local and offsite backups. 

Note: A single VM can be added to multiple schedule groups, and a single schedule group can contain multiple VMs.

To get started, open the Altaro Management console and head to Setup > Schedules:


Creating a Schedule Group

Note: If you have not yet created any backup schedule groups then two default groups will be created for you. These default groups can be used as they are, edited or deleted. You can also create as many new Schedule Groups as you please.
  1. To create a new schedule group click on the Add Backup Schedule button
  2. You will then be prompted with the Backup Schedule group settings as below:

    This screen is split into 3 sections:
    - Recurrence Pattern: choose whether you would like to configure a weekly or monthly recurrence.
    - Take a backup - choose the time you wish the backup schedule to start, and select which days you want the schedule to run on.
    - Follow up with an Offsite copy - choose the days on which you wish to follow up your local backup with an offsite backup, the offsite backup will begin as soon as the local backup completes.
  3. Once you have selected your desired schedule settings, click Save and your new Schedule Group will show up in the console:

    Note that at this point, no VMs have been assigned to this Schedule yet, so no backup tasks will be triggered yet.

Adding a VM to a Schedule Group

Important: Before adding a VM to a schedule, ensure the VM already has a backup / offsite location configured.

To assign a VM to a Backup Schedule Group, simply highlight (you can use Ctrl+Click to select multiple VMs), then drag and drop your VM(s) from the left hand side panel on to the Schedule Group you wish to assign them to. Once the VM is added it will be listed within the Schedule Group panel to indicate that it has been added successfully.

Important! You must Click Save Changes at the bottom of the screen to commit changes made to your schedule groups.


Removing a VM from a Schedule Group


To remove a VM from a schedule group simply click on the X icon to the right of the VMs name in the group's VM list. The VM can be re-added at any time in the future if required.

Important! You must Click Save Changes at the bottom of the screen to commit changes made to your schedule groups.

Editing, Disabling or Deleting a Schedule Group

At the bottom of each schedule group icon are three buttons:

Edit (  ) - change the settings (time, date etc) of this schedule group
Delete (  ) - discard the schedule group. Any VMs belonging to it will be unassigned from it first.
Enabled/Disabled (  /  ) - If disabled, scheduled backups will not take place for this schedule group.

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